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RSPB not welcome

Britain’s wealthy elite think they own the country – the people, the land, the public services, the money – even the wildlife in it.

Evidence of the latter can be seen by a war on Britain’s wildlife which has been waged for a few years now by a small group of wealthy individuals, helped along by their friends in the press.

This is a war which includes the illegal destruction of wildlife for ‘pleasure’ or business:

How wealthy landowners are destroying Britain’s wild birds – and getting away with it

Tory elite and press – fresh from attacking Britain’s wild birds – now turning on bats

Here’s the real reason the Tories are allowing the destruction of robin eggs and nests

… as well as the smearing of animal welfare charities:

League Against Cruel Sports response to ‘malicious and unfounded’ accusations in the Times

Mail on Sunday’s attack on the RSPB

RSPCA rejects Daily Mail allegations of deliberately targeting vulnerable donors

Press attacks against the RSPB rejected

The Tories have put a venture capitalist property developer – who also happens to be a major Tory party donor – in charge of Natural England.

But since the unexpected Tory victory in the last election, all gloves now seem to be off. The police in some rural areas are even now openly assisting illegal hunting:


Why do voters in England put up with this treatment? Don’t they love their country?