UPDATE: In a rather lame and bizarre attempt to hide his identity, in response to this blog post Mr Stone has persuaded the Daily Star to change the name on the article. A cached version of the original article with his name on can still be seen here though.

easter will stone1

A couple of days ago the odious Daily Star and other tabloid newspapers published articles claiming leading manufacturers had banned the word Easter from their chocolates eggs so as not to offend other religions:

easter will stone

Only one problem with the articles – chocolate egg manufacturers have NOT banned the word Easter from their Easter eggs:

cadbury easter eggs

It was of course just another tabloid attempt to whip up religious conflict in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

The name on the Star article however – Will Stone – rang a bell. It surely couldn’t be the same hack churning out right-wing trash for a right-wing tabloid as works at the undisputedly left-wing Morning Star newspaper as its news editor, could it?

Well yes, it could:

will stone star


Ever had the feeling you’re being had, folks?

PS – there’s always a very slight possibility there are two Will Stones working on the Daily Star – one left-wing Will and one right-wing Will. If so, my apologies to left-wing Will.  Awaiting Will’s response.