Tory U-turn on disability cuts? Nope. Posted on Facebook (may need a friend request to view) yesterday by a desperate mother:

I don’t generally do personal rants on facebook, or ask for help, but today I’m breaking all the rules……………..
My eldest daughter had her leg amputated at the age of 9, she has ongoing health issues she mobilises on crutches and never got on with a prosthesis as her amputation is well above the knee, any prosthetics prevent her from sitting in normal chairs or bending down or being able to get in any vehicle whilst wearing it, she is now a beautiful independent grown woman……..or at least she was independent, after months of various correspondence from DWP, letters of support from her GP and other health specialists, an assessment with Atos, she has now been informed from the department that she is no longer considered disabled and is no longer entitled to her motability vehicle. They are coming to collect it – this shortsighted, cruel decision will effectively render her housebound and will massively impact on her quality of life.
I enlisted the help of our local MP Sarah Wollaston during the whole correspondence process but this hasn’t helped at all, but then how and why should she help when she consistently backs all the cuts to disabled people whilst claiming obscene amounts in expenses? Of course we are going to challenge and contest the decision until the bitter end. However the vehicle will be removed from my daughter whilst any appeal is going through, this could take months and all the while she is having to live with the consequences of an unfair and unjust decision.
To say that I am furious is an understatement, fat cat, able bodied politicians are being ferried around in tax-payer funded vehicles, whilst disabled folk are being left to crawl on their bellies.
I don’t enjoy feeling helpless and powerless, and I don’t enjoy seeing my daughter upset and broken, wondering how she’s going to manage with day to day tasks, shopping, getting my granddaughter to and from college, attending doctors appointments, it’s heartbreaking.
All I can do is kick up a fuss and make a noise – please feel free to join in, email your local MP and anyone else you think may be able to help:


p.s. this rant isn’t over……………….it’s only just begun
Never give up

Here is what Wollaston posted on Twitter just 2 days ago:

wollaston compassionate


Compassionate? The nasty party – still as nasty as ever it seems …

Here are Dr Sarah Wollaston MP’s contact page, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


A screenshot of the original post for the usual trolls who doubt its existence:.