Labour MP Stella Creasy has had the head of a charity thrown out of parliament – after he shrugged when he was tackled about being responsible for the forcible evictions of families from their homes.

Former oil industry executive Keith Nunn is the chair of the trustees of the Glasspool Trust – an organisation which is supposed to help families in poverty.  But low-income tenants are now being forcibly evicted after Nunn and the other trustees of Glasspool decided to sell off to private developers valuable properties which had been bequeathed to the charity.

Ms Creasy hashtagged a post on her Facebook page about the incident #angryMP.

Personally I think we could do with a lot more #angryMPs in parliament.

I have a fond picture in my mind of Nunn being unceremoniously deposited on the pavement in Parliament Square by a couple of burly Beefeaters*.

Hope he didn’t go quietly …


Here’s Stella’s full facebook post about the incident:

For the first time in six years I have thrown someone out of parliament – the chair of Glasspools who had the temerity to suggest they have no obligations or concerns for the residents of the butterfields estate who are being made homeless because of their decision to sell the properties to a private development company. Despite glasspools charitable objective being to prevent destitution he just shrugged and said it was ok because they had made money and ‘it happens’ – I said glasspools weren’t a charity, they were a disgrace and needed to take a long hard look at themselves and what they owe those families now facing an uncertain future. If they think they can treat the lives of Walthamstow residents as collateral damage in their investment schemes they are mistaken! ‪#‎angrymp‬


*Yes I’m aware Beefeaters don’t work in the Houses of Parliament, but you know …