A foreign state openly sponsoring its agents to run around London killing people with radioactive poison seems to be the very definition of state-sponsored terrorism.

So why is Cameron so keen to allow his party to be funded by pro-Putin Russians?

At a Tory Party fundraising dinner not long before the last election, ultra-wealthy Russians were the most representative foreign nationality at the fundraising event.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, here are some of the foreign billionaires who attended the Tory Party party fundraiser in 2014:

And here’s Cameron chatting with Putin allies at a Tory Party fundraiser:

Cameron Russia


Cameron’s also made it possible for rich Russians, as well as Saudis, to come to the UK without even having to have a normal visa – if they are rich enough of course:

From Russia with £1million: The UK’s Investor Visas

And here’s a photograph of Boris Johnson with “good friend” Sergey Nalobin – a pro-Putin Russian intelligence agent based at the Russian embassy in London who was exposed as the main agent charged with forging contacts with leading UK politicians:

Boris with Russian spy

Of course, if Britain was a properly open and democratic country with institutions such as the press and a parliament willing to hold our leaders to account – these facts would amount to a scandal.

But Britain isn’t. So don’t go holding your breath.