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So it seems Jeremy Corbyn – and the other minority of MPs who voted against airstrikes in Syria – were right.

The strikes against ISIS in Syria are not only a failure – but they are also being strongly criticised by anti-ISIS activists inside the Raqqa region.

Figures released by US Central Command show that – because of a lack of targets – the UK has carried out just 3 bombing missions against ISIS in Syria.

But the much argued-over airstrikes are worse than a failure. They’re actually doing great harm to civilians – most of whom are prisoners of ISIS.

An organisation known as RBBS – which has already received an International Press Freedom Award for its work – is a fearless group of around 18 citizen journalists in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, who risk their lives sending out regular anti-ISIS reports and producing an anti-ISIS magazine inside the city itself.

In a report smuggled out on Christmas Day – one of the RBBS journalists says the airstrikes have damaged the city hospital (English translation):

“Increases every day the number of air strikes on the city, and the misfortune of civilians. Most of the strikes targeted the National Hospital, the largest hospital in the city and the lifeline for all; today the National Hospital became completely out of service, and disease has become a calamity.”

Of course – a man who spent 10 months with the terrorist group has already warned that the Syria airstrikes are a trap set by ISIS.

But when it comes to jingoist attempts by our politicians to win votes – who listens to experts any more?