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The Yorkshire Post is a staunchly Tory supporting newspaper. Its owners even used to be called the Yorkshire Conservative Newspapers Limited.

But the Cameron government’s desertion of northern areas to widespread flood damage seems to have changed all that.

In a scathing editorial – the normally loyal Tory newspaper has told Cameron his environment cabinet minister Liz Truss is “out of her depth” and his government’s response to the catastrophe is “too little and too late”:

“Ms Truss needs to be aware that the extra £280m being made available for Yorkshire’s flood defences is just a drop in the proverbial ocean – her latest utterances make no reference to the decision in 2011 to scrap a £180m scheme in Leeds which might have spared the West Yorkshire city from the worst of this week’s flooding damage. Such cost-cutting has proven to be a false economy.”

The newspaper has also lambasted Cameron’s personal decision to award the Tory’s Australian election strategist Lynton Crosby in the New Year’s Honour List instead of honouring emergency workers – “the volunteers and others whose willpower spared Yorkshire from an even greater flooding catastrophe”:

“THE KNIGHTHOOD controversially awarded by the Government to Sir Lynton Crosby, the Tory election strategist, threatens to make a mockery of an honours system … it is even more incongruous when set in the context of … David Cameron’s complacent response to the floods.”

On the other hand, other Tory newspapers are now openly saying cronyism is good:

There’s nothing wrong with cronyism

Hmm. Whatever will they be telling us next? Greed is good?