1 thought on “David Cameron tax”

  1. It can’t be said often enough: the Tory Governments out of touch with Reality, they only know their own version of “reality”.
    A lot of people have gone self-employed to try and scrape a living, as an alternative to being unemployed. Also – struggling musicians and artists have gone self-employed in an effort to continue developing their creative work.

    I run a small business, and a charity.
    We occasionally secure grants to further the work we do with disadvantaged young people, people with mental health issues, disabilities, etc.
    I am suffocating under the weight and complexity of required paperwork.

    We can only give a few hours work here and there to self-employed artists and musicians; they are not making a “living wage”.
    We also have some volunteers, people who are unable to work through disabilities.
    They could not cope with a “proper job” neither could they cope with being self-employed.

    There was a system where those who could work, worked. And those who couldn’t had a safety net.
    And where struggling artists and musicians could develop creatively – sometime working sometimes not (though in reality always working just not getting paid)…
    Britain’s creative industries bring in a lot of money – where do they think the raw material comes from, the creative people, the artists, the musicians?

    The Government people do not appear to have the intelligence to understand the nuances of reality, of human beings, or the delicate balance of a relatively successful society where “successful” mean not starving, not in debt, having a satisfactory quality of life, not stressed to the point of suicide.


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