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josie long

So much for Cameron’s “greenest government ever“.

George Osborne’s staff at his constituency office in Tatton this morning called the police after comedian Josie Long and a solar installation team – on behalf of carbon-cutting charity 10:10 – tried to deliver an early Christmas present of free solar panels to him.

Josie and her team tried to explain the panels were a gift that would not only save the local Conservative party money on their energy bills, but even generate income through the feed-in tariff as well as help the country to meet its climate change targets.

In reply, Osborne’s staff summoned the police.

Josie Long:

“We did our best to bring some sunshine into George Osborne’s life this morning, but he didn’t want it. It just seems a bit odd.”

Josie has now offered the free panels to Boris Johnson.

Awaiting his response…