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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

The nasty party isn’t all in the past I’m afraid.

Here are 14 opinions from leading Tory activists on rape victims, disabled children, Down syndrome, Asian children, ‘foreign’ sounding names, homosexuality, AIDS victims, domestic violence, gay marriage, race and waitresses:

Tory councillor: euthanasia good way to reduce cost of looking after disabled children

Tory strategy director: abolish all working mothers’ maternity leave and rights

Tory candidate: homosexuality caused by demonic possession

Tory councillor: waitresses at hotel “need a good beating

Tory Mayor must apologise over Down’s Syndrome remarks, committee says

Tory councillor: when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it

Tory councillor apologises after using the phrase ‘n*gger in the wood pile’

Tory councillor John Cherry resigns after saying Pakistani children won’t value hard work

Tory councillor who left a message saying “with a bit of luck you’ll get Aids”

Tory councillor suspended after remarks about Pakistanis

Tory councillor compares town to ‘Indian’ reservation

Tory councillor attacks “foreign names”

Tory councillor accused of bad taste over domestic violence and gay joke

Tory councillor on gay marriage: “we may as well legalise marriage with animals”


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