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There has been shock and outrage after leading Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander openly used the highly offensive ‘N’ word in an interview with BBC television yesterday.

Mr Alexander had previously been accused of using the word – which many people say is so offensive it should be eradicated from the English language – in other recent discussions about the future of the party.

The following is an extract from an interview in which Alexander uses the ‘n’ word twice in the space of just a few sentences (warning – offensive language):

“The truth is N**k was making an argument that we as pro-Europeans actually haven’t made our case anywhere near powerfully enough or consistently enough for 20 years. Turning that round is a big job. It can’t be done in two debates. I felt incredibly proud of N**k for doing that, because he was standing up for an argument that I really believe in.”

When contacted by Pride’s Purge, a leading Lib Dem – who wished to remain anonymous – expressed his disgust that a senior member of the party could so openly use such offensive language just before an election:

It’s absolutely shameful that Alexander has been using the ‘N’ word when he knows it is extremely offensive to so many voters. As a c**t, you’d think he’d know better.

The controversy comes just days after the Met Office warned that the record-breaking amounts of hot air and gases emanating from the Liberal Democrats were likely to continue right up until the day of the General Election.


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