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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Some people have been a bit surprised as to why local Lib Dems on Sutton Council have been so keen to push through permission for the South London Incinerator to be built – despite massive protests from local residents.

Could it be because the Chairman of the local Lib Dems – and councillor when the permission was granted – is “longstanding personal friends” with the CEO of Viridor, the company that owns the incinerator?

Longstanding personal friends” are not my words.

Here’s Sutton Lib Dem chair John Drage’s register of interests from 2012 – when he was still a councillor and was forced to declare such things:

Drage Viridor

Just coincidence, I’m sure.


Great investigative reporting from Chris Caulfield, chief reporter for the Sutton Guardian:

Lib Dem-linked church received more than quarter of a million pounds from company hoping to build South London Incinerator

Now that most of our national media has reduced itself to being a propaganda machine for the major political parties, we have to rely more and more on good investigative reporting from the local press.


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