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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Whatever you may think of Class War‘s politics – they have candidates standing at the general election and they have the same right to campaign as any other candidate.

So why are up to 12 police officers following and intimidating Class War‘s candidate for Croydon South Jonathan Bigger when he’s handing out election leaflets:

Police Intimidation on the Croydon South Election Campaign

As Bigger on his blog puts it:

The message to me seems to be clear. If you’re a Tory candidate, representing a party that is waging a very real class war on ordinary people you get police protection. If you stand for a party called Class War and you oppose the Tory cuts and austerity programme you get police intimidation.

This is, of course, entirely undemocratic behaviour on the part of Croydon Police – not to mention a complete waste of valuable police time, money and resources.

Or perhaps reported crime in Croydon is at 0% and there aren’t any real criminals for Croydon’s police to be out catching?


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