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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

I hope I’m wrong, but there seems to be an extremely disturbing undercurrent of antisemitism emerging in the Tories’ campaign of personal attacks against Ed Miliband, supported by their backers in the right-wing press:

Unthinkable? Could Lord Rothermere’s vitriolic attacks on Ed Miliband be because he’s Jewish?

And now we have a clear narrative against the Labour leader that he is a ‘backstabber’ who is even prepared to ‘stab the nation in the back‘.

It is inconceivable that Tory leaders are not aware that ‘backstabbing’ is an historical antisemitic insult used extensively by the Nazis to vilify Jews:

Stab-in-the-back antisemitism

In their desperation, the Tory campaign is taking an extremely nasty turn indeed.


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