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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)


Looks like the Tories forgot to ask the permission of at least one of the people who was supposed to have put his name to the so-called pro-Tory business letter.

Today, Pascal Soriot CEO of AstraZeneca, has accused the Tories of including his name in the letter without his permission:

Pascal Soriot: “I support policies that reinforce a competitive tax environment and encourage investment in the UK. Neither I nor AstraZeneca endorse any political party and while I support such policies my name should not be used in the context of the letter.

Perhaps Mr Soriot is backtracking because he’s realised the public have sussed out the real reason a group of multi-millionaire company directors are backing the Tories:



Or perhaps he’s realised that acting like a spoilt, overpaid fatcat who doesn’t give a damn about the vast majority of his customers who have had to suffer extreme austerity over the past 5 years, might not be good for business?


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