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(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

Small and medium-sized businesses account for 99.9% of private sector activity in the UK and provide 60% of private sector jobs.

In fact, 96% of private sector activity in the UK is accounted for by micro-companies – those which employ less than 9 people.

Small and medium-sized companies are not able to employ clever accountancy firms to help them avoid or evade taxes, as large corporations do, and the truth is that small and medium-sized business owners have been suffering the cruelties of Tory austerity just like everyone else in the UK.

But Tory Party donors are mostly hedge fund managers, multi-millionaire tax exiles and executives of large corporations – not small and medium-sized business owners who don’t have any spare cash to hand over to any political party.

And here’s the real reason a group of multimillionaire directors of large companies wrote a letter to the Telegraph today, telling everyone to vote Conservative:


The Tory party is not the party of business – it’s the party of BIG business.


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