The German man suspected of deliberately crashing a Germanwings A320 plane in the French Alps was once served a kebab in a shop by a suspected Muslim, German media say.

Regular assessments were recommended in Andreas Lubitz’s official notes after a serious episode of depression some years ago, but Lufthansa – the German carrier that owns Germanwings – admits no official records were kept of how often he ate kebabs.

Lufthansa has also confirmed Lubitz may have deliberately hidden from his employer occasional meetings he had with a suspected Muslim sales assistant – who is suspected of serving him on at least one occasion a tin of peas, a loaf of bread and a Snicker’s bar – in a greengrocer’s he frequented.

However, experts say data from the plane’s voice recorder suggest Mr Lubitz – whose home town Dusseldorf is home to at least 5 mosques – may have once been to Egypt on holiday, a country well-known by security experts for having a lot of Muslims in it.

Several airlines have now pledged to change their rules to ensure at least one crew member who has never eaten a kebab, falafel in pitta bread or hummus in any form, is present in the cockpit at all times.

Police have searched two German properties used by Mr Lubitz – taking away boxes thought to contain the remains of a curry and a computer – in a desperate attempt to find anything which the press can use to pin the blame on Muslims for the tragedy.

However, a police spokesperson later confirmed the curry was most likely from an Indian restaurant in the vicinity of Lubitz’s apartment, which disappointingly is owned by a Hindu not a Muslim.


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