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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Controversial hardline Tory Minister for the Disabled Esther McVey is set to lose her seat at the General Election.

In McVey’s Wirral West constituency, Labour are on 42% in the latest polls with the Conservatives on 37%:

Labour ahead in Wirral West

It is McVey’s policies which have been responsible for forcing the disabled – as well as seriously sick people such as cancer patients – into extreme poverty and hunger:

UK today: 40% of cancer patients can’t afford to heat their home properly

A new low for the UK: disabled man starves to death

Dying of cancer? Work or starve: the end of the welfare state

Iain Duncan Smith’s portrait made from photos of people who died for being poor

Cameron’s Britain: 7-year old cancer patients on foodbank handouts

Bedroom tax exemptions? Not for injured soldiers, disabled children or adults with carers


I’m normally more of a beer or whisky man, but if McVey gets turfed out by voters in 7 weeks time, I will personally drink a glass or two of champagne in celebration.


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