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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Apparently the Liberal Democrats are desperately looking for what is being called an ABCD candidate to replace Nick Clegg after the party’s expected decimation at the next election.

An ABCD candidate is:

Anyone But Clegg or Danny

There is also a faction in the party who are seeking an ABCDEF candidate:

Anyone But Clegg, Danny or Even Farron

Personally, I suggest the best choice for the Lib Dems would probably be an A-Z candidate:

Anyone But Clegg, Danny or Even Farron, Gilbert, or Hughes, Including Jo, KennedyLamb, Munt, Norman Or PughQurbanReid, Swinson, Teather, Utterly Utterly Useless Vinceall three Williams, X-rated Hancock, Yeovils’ Laws or even EZra.


In other words – is Jeremy Clarkson available?


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