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(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

There was a lot of praise recently for David Cameron’s decision to send his daughter to a state school:

Camerons To Send Daughter To Top State School

It now turns out the school is not so ‘state’ after all.

Parents – including the Camerons – have to pay a ‘donation’ to the school to secure a place:

EXCLUSIVE: Gove and PM school made forbidden donation request

It is – incidentally – illegal for state schools to ask for money in this way.

Which means, this is what we used to call a good-old-fashioned scandal.

Oh what is that technical word policemen use to describe this kind of financial transaction.

Oh yes, I remember now.


But don’t expect to hear much about this in the mainstream press in the lead up to the election.


POSTSCRIPT: Apparently the school uniform at the Grey Coat Hospital School also costs at least £140 – plus parents are expected to ‘donate’ at least £95 a year to a so-called School Fund.


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