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(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

It’s looking more and more like David Cameron is chickening out of the head-to-head debate with Ed Miliband scheduled for 30th April.

Tory Party negotiators have missed two recent meetings about the debates with the broadcasters. And Cameron twice today failed to answer direct questions in the House of Commons about whether he will be taking part in the debate.

Channel 4 and Sky News however, have just released a statement saying they are even willing to change the date to any time suitable for Cameron:

“Sky News and Channel 4 are continuing to prepare for a head-to-head debate between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition on 30 April.

“However, in response to media inquiries following today’s PMQs, we would obviously be willing to host a debate on a different day the two main party leaders could agree on.”

So unfortunately for Cameron, looks like he’s not going to be able to wriggle out of it so easily.

The question is, what’s Cameron so afraid of?


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