(not satire – it’s the Telegraph!)

In a perfect illustration of the sad state of the UK today, we’ve got corrupt newspapers breaking stories about corrupt MPs in order to distract from stories about their own corruption.

Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s great how Tory MP Malcolm Rifkind and Labour MP Jack Straw have been caught red-handed accepting money from lobbyists.

Labour has even suspended Jack Straw MP, which is also good. Although, it’s a pity it wasn’t for his role in the Iraq War, or indeed for this:

Jack Straw on child abuse: “The terms of the agreement did not include an apology”

However, I hope it’s not only me who sees the irony in the fact that it was the Daily Telegraph – along with Channel 4’s Dispatches programme – which broke the story?

Because considering the Telegraph has just been caught red-handed blatantly suppressing articles on its pages in order to placate its advertisers, we could say this is a case of a money-for-NO-questions newspaper attacking money-for-questions MPs.


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