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Liberal Democrat MPs who are out of work, education or training for six months after being turfed out of office in May will have to do unpaid community work or face losing their benefits, the Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech today.

Mr Cameron said unemployed former Lib Dem members of parliament would be required to do daily work experience – alongside job searching – from day one of their claim after becoming unemployed as a result of the election.

Labour, however, attacked the proposals saying the Tories would do nothing to help desperate Lib Dems such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander – who are facing a bleak future without work – get “real jobs”.

The opposition for its part has pledged a compulsory jobs guarantee to help out unemployed Lib Dems, paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.

However, to receive it, Lib Dems would be required to carry out 30 hours a week of mandatory community work from the first day of claiming benefits, which could involve making meals for older people or working for local charities, alongside 10 hours of job hunting.

Mr Cameron hit back, saying his proposed welfare shake-up would make sure Lib Dems “don’t get sucked into a life on welfare“, the Tory leader said.

The controversy comes just days after the Met’ Office warned that the record-breaking hot air from Lib Dems was set to continue for the foreseeable future.


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