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(not satire!)

Just last year, Tory supporting Sun columnist Toby Young launched a campaign to persuade UKIP and Tory supporters to support each other in an electoral pact at the next election.

This was supposed to be an election game-changer which would “unite the right” and ensure Ed Miliband was kept out of Downing Street.

But since Toby launched his campaign – he called it countryb4party – he seems to have quietly dropped the whole thing.

Most likely out of understandable embarrassment.

Because it turns out that just a pitiful 29 Tory and UKIP voters supported the campaign – at least according to the twitter account Toby set up last year to publicise the pact.

That’s 29 voters out of the approximately 20 million who – according to recent polls – are planning to vote either Tory or UKIP at the next election.

Toby, of course, must be dying of embarrassment at the abject failure of his idea and understandably would most probably prefer not to be reminded of it.

So best not mention it then.


PS:  When Toby first had the idea of a UKIP/TORY pact – he decided to call his campaign CONUKIP. But I liked the name CONUKIP so much (think about it) – I bought the url name before he managed to get round to it. Sorry about that Toby:

Toby Young’s attempt at forming a Tory/UKIP pact looking decidedly scuppered


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