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MPs and newspapers are expressing outrage at the HSBC bank after the bank was accused of being patronising when leaks revealed top executives secretly signed off on a logo which was pink, it emerged today.

The shocking colour of the bank’s logo came as it emerged the Government knew about the pinkness of HSBC advertisements before David Cameron made the bank’s executive chairman Lord Green a minister in 2010:


HSBC’s shocking pink logo

A spokesperson for Mr Cameron denied the government had been part of a cover-up over the bank’s activities and insisted there were other more important things to consider than the colour of HSBC’s logo, such as the size and shape of Amanda Holden’s nipples.

Financial expert Richard Murphy from Tax Research UK however, said while pink banking logos are not strictly illegal, they are often used as a way of distracting people from the real story of massive tax evasion and theft from the taxpayer, which is illegal.


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