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An Apology From Tom Pride


This morning some extremely disgusting and offensive comments relating to beards appeared on this blog:

Bearded men MUST condemn the violent extremists in their community

I want to make it absolutely clear that I had nothing to do with this obnoxious article. I absolutely deplore pogonophobia in all its forms and I have no idea how the derogatory and abhorrent blog post came to be published on this website.

Clearly I must have been hacked by intolerant pogonophobes who blame all moderately bearded men for the unacceptable actions of a few radically bearded fanatics who espouse an extremist hirsute or crumb catcher ideology.

I do not hide the fact that I myself am a bearded man so I know it is entirely wrong and ridiculous to blame all men with beards for the actions of just a few extremists.

I can only again sincerely apologise for any offence to bearded people the article may have caused.

Thank you.

Tom Pride


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