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UPDATE: I apologise for this intolerant blog post. I was hacked


Today I read about a disgusting crime which happened just yesterday on a British street.

A man stole a purse from an 82-year-old woman while she lay dying after she was struck by a lorry in Manchester.

What kind of person could stoop so low to commit such a horrific offence?

The police released a description of the suspect – but even before I saw it I had already guessed one thing about the perpetrator of the crime:

“The man is described as white, 6ft tall, aged between 30 and 40, medium build, with a dark brown beard, and wearing a light grey hooded top with the hood up, light blue jeans and black boot-style trainers.”

And there you have it, in black and white.

It might not be politically correct to say it, but it was – of course – a bearded man who committed this appalling act.

And I’m fed up to the back teeth of not being able to state the obvious.

It’s about time moderate men with beards spoke out against the hirsute extremists in their community who condone – and carry out – acts of crime or violence.

Too many bearded men make excuses or attempt to ignore the simple fact that many crimes and murders are carried out by men with beards.

The truth is – and I know I am going to be attacked by the political correctness brigade for pointing this out – bearded men have a history of violence.

Look at these infamous murderers:


The Yorkshire Ripper

The Yorkshire Ripper


Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman

Charles Manson

Charles Manson

Anders Breivik

Anders Breivik

Is it just simple coincidence that every single one of these violent extremists had beards?

When are bearded men going to accept that they have a problem? When are bearded men going to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against the violent extremists who are living in their midsts?

When are their families  – their wives, their parents, their children – going to tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

When are they going to tell them we WILL no LONGER accept their behaviour – and this kind of facial hair in UNACCEPTABLE in a civilised society.

Bearded men are a THREAT to the values we all hold so dear in the West.

We need to CRACK DOWN on this disgusting ideology in all its forms; the goatees, the chinstraps, the mutton chops, the sideburns, the horseshoes – even the simply soul patched – and ban ALL forms of facial hairs from our schools and our communities.

We cannot let some PC political view get in the way of this, because we need to take action NOW – our way of life and our children’s lives are at risk – if we don’t MAKE A STAND against the dangerous actions of the bearded and the moustachioed extremists who are living in our midst.

We need to ACT NOW against radical beards BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


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