(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Considering the Tory Party are supposed to be ‘conservatives’ – it’s a bit strange they seem intent on destroying rather than conserving Britain’s wildlife.

Because in recent years there has been a concerted attack by leading Tories and their supporters on the UK’s wild birds in particular – and now it seems they’re turning on our wild bats too.

Hereditary Tory peer Viscount Ridley – who is trying desperately to reinvent himself as an expert on wildlife in a vain attempt to make everyone forget that he’s the incompetent who was in charge of Northern Rock when it went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by the British taxpayer – has written an article for the Times complaining about the fact that churches and owners of other buildings are not able to poison at will wild bats who have decided to take up residence in their property.

Failed banker Ridley incidentally is also Rupert Murdoch’s favourite climate-change denier:

Climate change denier Matt Ridley is a failed banker, not a climate scientist

Here’s an excellent article by conservationist Miles King with more details on the war on British wildlife by Ridley and his colleagues in the Tory Party:

Super-Ridley blasts the Bat-people: But will the evil Raccoon win out?

Not content with trashing our economy, it seems failed bankers – along with their allies in the Tory party – are trying to trash our wildlife too.


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