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Government sources have said that Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking parliament’s approval for Britain’s readiness to launch airstrikes against the new militant Syriza government in Greece.

The NATO decision to attack Greece would reportedly be at German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s request. Mr Cameron is due to meet the German leader today and sources in Cameron’s office have said that during the meeting, they are expecting Mrs Merkel to request British air strikes against the dug-in positions of the militant Syriza government.

Cameron is also set to deliver a speech before the UN General Assembly in New York, in which he is expected to call on the world to unite against the extremist left-wing group, which has taken control of Greece and whom the Prime Minister has warned is preparing to spread its dangerously militant ideology to other countries in Europe.

Mr Cameron told NBC News in an interview last night, “This is a fight you cannot opt out of,” and added,  “These people want to destroy civilized, democratically elected right-wing governments like us. They’ve got us in their sights and we have to put together this coalition…to make sure that we ultimately destroy this evil organisation.”

Earlier, the British leader’s office had said he supported air strikes by the United States and allies on Syriza targets in Greece, and would even consider ground troops in response to any Syriza threats to austerity policies in Europe.

The moves come just days after Nick Clegg denied he was getting desperate after he offered Syriza a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in exchange for a chauffeur-driven car and a seat in the new Greek cabinet.


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