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(not satire – it’s Prince Andrew!)

From Angie – a former aid worker:

“Unfortunately Prince Andrew is not of the real world like many Royals and feel that their behaviour is acceptable because of who they are. I worked in Thailand for the Tsunami relief for 6 months under very difficult conditions. We heard that we were to get a visit from Prince Andrew to the site where we were working to identify the victims and repatriate them back to their families, we approached the palace official and asked if Prince Andrew would come over to us to say hello to some of us so he could see for himself the people who were there working in difficult conditions with the heat and the massive task we had. We stood in the heat whilst he spoke to the dignitaries and then sped past us without a backward glance. We were then told he was too busy to come over to us as he had an evening banquet to attend. It would have made our day for if he could have just come over and acknowledged us. The Americans and Aussies who were part of our team thought he was a complete prat.”


You can read the US court statement which names Prince Andrew in sex allegations here.


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