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(not satire – it’s the Uk today!)

No wonder the private company which took over the NHS Hinchingbrooke hospital has failed.

The company –  which is run by bankers and hedge fund investors – has been wasting massive amounts of the hospital’s money on useless things like Tory MPs.

Circle Holdings – which has announced it is running away from its contract at Hinchingbrooke – was paying Tory MP Mark Simmonds £50,000 a year to work just 10 hours a month as a “strategic adviser”.

Just a thought but, perhaps if the bankers in charge of Hinchingbrooke had spent more time, money and effort on their patients instead of on their mates in the Tory Party, the hospital wouldn’t have been given the worst rating possible in the damning Care Quality Commission report published yesterday:

Hinchingbrooke patients told to soil themselves, Care Quality Commission hears


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