(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

City Financier and prominent UKIP supporter Jon Moulton sacked 2,727 of his staff on Christmas Day after deciding to put City Link into administration.

Moulton didn’t even bother to tell his employees – most of them found out via the press that they will be receiving no more pay after the 31st of December.

But no-one should be surprised by Moulton’s Scrooge-like, heartless behaviour.

Moulton is a former Conservative Party donor, who decided to transfer his allegiance to UKIP after criticising Tory chancellor George Osborne for not cutting hard enough and for being too soft on austerity.

And you can expect much more of this kind of fat city cat behaviour across the country should UKIP ever manage to get its hands on the reins of power (God help us).


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