(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Over a hundred and seventy years after Dickens published a Christmas Carol, meet Ebenezer Scrooge 2014:

moulton the new scrooge

You can read all about how Moulton sacked his staff and couldn’t even be bothered to tell them here:

UKIP supporter and fat city cat Jon Moulton sacks 2,727 of his staff on Xmas Day

But Moulton is not just a fabulously wealthy fat city cat who doesn’t give a sh*t about British workers. He’s a prominent UKIP supporter too. And a good example of just how nasty some of the people behind UKIP are.

Here are some quotes:

Moulton on making people redundant: “You can never fire anyone too soon

Moulton’s description of the people he has fired: “cutting away unnecessaries

Moulton on why there should be even more austerity: “It’s the moral thing to do and it’s the right thing to do.

Moulton on why there needs to be more cuts to public services such as the NHS: “I don’t believe that the UK economy will do well until the public sector shrinks.

Moulton on how much he loved making companies bankrupt when he worked as an accountant: “Insolvency was great.”

Moulton on his great love for Margaret Thatcher: “”Without Mrs Thatcher I probably would have stayed working in the US, watching the UK decay rapidly.

Moulton on his approach to making a profit: “We come and make redundancies, close facilities, take the costs of out of a P&L and in a month or two, profits come back.

Moulton on his first experiences of dealing with bankruptcies and redundancies: “Firing people, selling factories and stock. It was great fun.”

Moulton on why he loves his job  – which often involves sacking thousands of people: ” I do what I do for the enjoyment it gives me.”


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