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In a surprise announcement, a group of sixth formers in Canterbury have admitted UKIP leader Nigel Farage is not actually real and that they created him as part of a phone app’ parodying right-wing politicians.

The app’  – which features a character called ‘Nigel’ who resides in a BBC TV studio and likes to kick women who don’t clean behind the fridge off the White Cliffs of Dover – was developed by a group of five 18-year-olds at the Canterbury Academy who work under the name FonGames.

The school’s principal Phil Karnavas however, expressed surprise that some people could believe the blazer-wearing, authoritarian, neo-Thatcherite character ‘Nigel’ – who pretends he’s a libertarian despite not liking foreigners and homosexuals much – was real.

In a statement Mr Karnavas said:

Obviously ‘Nigel’ is a parody. I mean for heaven’s sake, he’s a public school, white, middle-class, city trader from Kent who pretends he is an anti-establishment outsider and thinks the UK can improve its weather by banning gay marriage.  Surely nobody in their right mind could believe he was for real. Could they?


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