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Anti-poverty campaigners are renewing their call for a new tax on the state education sector after the head of Ribblesdale Primary School in Clitheroe Lancashire caused outrage by announcing she had set aside almost £8bn in basic pay and a bonus pot for teachers in the school’s infant teaching division.

The Taxpayers Alliance – a charity which works to eradicate poverty in the struggling banking sector – said it was “outrageous” that at a time of austerity, infant school teachers in Clitheroe are to receive an average payout of $2,369,651 (£1,233,000) for 2014.

The group – which supports global cuts to disproportionate salaries and bonuses in the primary school state teaching sector – said the size of the payments was “a slap in the face of ordinary people such as MPs and bankers”.

A spokesperson for the campaign, the 2nd Baron of Ardwhallan, Sir Quentin Humphrey Frinton-Lane, said:

If infant schools can afford to pay billions in bonuses, they can clearly afford to have their salaries cut a great deal more. So a £20bn Robin Hood tax on state infant and junior school teachers in the UK would help avoid the worst of the cuts to essential services such as the banking sector, and show we are all in this together. Because while teachers wallow in cash, hard-working government ministers and their special advisers are facing mass unemployment and massive job cuts in the next few months  – especially when they’re turfed out of office after the next election.

In a statement, Ribblesdale Infant School said it had allocated $9.73bn (£6.2bn) as “compensation” for its infant teachers, up from $9.33bn in 2013.

However, the school pointed out that the monthly pay packets for Mrs Hargreaves and Ms Parkinson fell slightly, to £369,651 from £379,986, after they stopped their Monday afternoon Junior Players Drama Club and twice weekly after-school bread-making workshops respectively.


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