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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

UKIP’s Deputy Chairman and potential parliamentary UKIP candidate for Basildon – the former disgraced Tory MP Neil Hamilton – clearly hates the NHS.

In an extraordinary tirade of hate against the NHS in a column for the Daily Express last year, Hamilton describes the NHS as….

  • diseased
  • worse than the Taliban
  • a shambles
  • a Soviet-style monolith
  • dismal
  • inadequate
  • outrageous
  • a substitute for religion
  • not commercial enough
  • brilliant at one thing: burning our money
  • too large
  • a killing machine

And what is Hamilton’s ‘cure’ for the NHS?

Well – according to his article – he thinks the NHS is a “nationalised monolith” which is “not commercial enough” and needs more “private sector disciplines“, “profit” the “market” and “private contributions“.

Or to put it another way – the NHS needs to be privatised.

You can read Hamilton’s hate-filled tirade here (warning – Daily Express dross):

Failing NHS is itself diseased


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