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George Osborne has been accused of being so tight-fisted that he keeps his Lib Dem deputy Danny Alexander shut inside the Treasury fridge “under lock and key”.

Mr Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said that the Chancellor often refused to let him out and that he used a padlock to keep him locked inside his “double-size” office fridge near his office.

The Lib Dem minister offered the gem about his Tory senior at a Westminster lunch for political journalists, and said that he put Mr Osborne’s sadistic nature down to the fact that the Chancellor went to St Paul’s, a public school in London.

Lib Dem and Tory ministers do share things – but not Danny Alexander – who to my amusement the Chancellor still keeps under lock and key,” a senior treasury source said.

The shocking revelations come just days after Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg claimed he was made to perform demeaning and perverted acts against his will by senior members of the Tory Party for over 4 years in order to satisfy the increasingly perverted demands of their right-wing electorate.


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