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(not satire I’m afraid)

David Cameron reckons there was no conspiracy to cover up allegations of paedophilia by leading members of the Tory Party, despite the fact that numerous files containing evidence of a VIP paedophile ring were ‘lost’ by former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

Of course, some people might be forgiven for wondering why on earth our security services would be prepared to do so much to protect a few MPs.

After all, politicians – even top Tory ones – are supremely disposable to those people ‘entrusted’ with protecting the establishment.

Well, the answer is probably that it wasn’t MPs that MI5 were trying to protect.


palace child abuse

The Times, 24th November 1983


It seems the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring may go much, much higher than a mere Tory cabinet.


For more information about the ‘lost’ Brittan files, and the ongoing investigations into alleged VIP paedophile rings, read Exaro News.


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