The Prince of Wales has warned that the majority of people have “lost any real connection with Prince Charles” as he outlined his concerns about the future of His Royal Highness.

Charles, writing in a foreword for Country Life magazine to mark his 66th birthday this week, argued that many people were four or more generations removed from the heir to the throne, and it showed in their attitudes.

“One of the things that strikes me most forcibly is the extent to which the majority of the population has lost any real connection with me,” the Prince of Wales wrote.

“They have only a vague understanding of what being a future heir to the throne is or does; and, as outsiders looking in, they are increasingly suspicious of it.”

“Many people in the UK are now four or more generations removed from anyone who is actively a member of the Royal Family – and it frequently shows in their attitudes.”

Charles urged people to value the Royal Family, and its long list of princes, princesses, and their second and third cousins once removed, or risk losing their local royal palaces surrounded by barbed wire and armed security details who are liable to shoot you on sight should you stray too near – as well as the uniquely British experience of walking in the beautiful British countryside while doffing a hat to members of the Royal Family being driven past at high speed in their chauffeur driven cars.


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