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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

An old friend of Nick Clegg gave the Lib Dems a donation of £30,000 – and then claimed he was so broke he had to axe 160 jobs from his company.

Well, to be fair to him, Nick’s mate didn’t exactly ‘axe’ the jobs.

He shifted them from the UK to Italy and Bulgaria:

Yarn firm to shift 160 jobs overseas

No wonder the Lib Dems are so fond of the EU.

But there’s more.

Just a year ago, Clegg ‘coincidentally’ toured Autofill Worldwide Ltd’s factory, four days after accepting the £30,000 donation from managing director Anthony Ullmann.

Even more interesting, just 6 days before the redundancies were announced, the local Lib Dem candidate Jason Zadrozny paid a personal visit to the Autofill factory to discuss with Ullman “business matters”.

Despite that, Zadrozny still claims he knew nothing of the redundancies before they were announced.

If this doesn’t count as a good old-fashioned cash-for-influence scandal – I don’t know what does.

What’s the chance the Lib Dems will donate the £30,000 they trousered to the 160 families who have been told they’re going to be without a job just before Christmas?

Answers on a postcard to the (not all that) Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP.


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