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(not satire – it’s G4S and SERCO)

Private companies G4S and SERCO have agreed to pay out £100,000 in compensation for restraining torturing kids.

This illegal “restraining” by staff working for subsidiary companies belonging to the two multi-billion pound conglomerates has even resulted in the deaths of at least two children.

G4S went on to deal with the problem of the torturing and killing of children in their care by promoting one of the members of staff involved in it to the position of Health and Safety Manager in their children’s homes.

And Serco went on to allow its staff free range to also sexually assault young women who had been put in its care.

Considering all of the above shocking facts – why are we still allowing these cowboy companies to run children’s homes and our children’s educational services?

Could it be because they have friends in high places?


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