(not satire – it’s the Mail on Sunday!)

The UKIP candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Rochester and Strood – Tory defector Mark Reckless – has complained about negative phone calls about him being made to voters in the constituency from a polling company.

Reckless presumed it was the Tories who had commissioned the polls as part of a dirty tricks campaign against him.

Well, actually, it wasn’t the Tories. It was the Mail on Sunday.

The newspaper commissioned polling company Survation to phone up Rochester voters and ask their opinion about statements like these:

“A vote for UKIP could allow Ed Miliband to become Prime Minister.”

“Mark Reckless admitted that on one occasion in the House of Commons he was too drunk to vote on the budget.”

“This episode proves that Mark Reckless is unfit to be an MP.”

“Mark Reckless is a traitor”

You can see the full questions for the Survation poll here:

Rochester and Strood Constituency Poll

Naughty naughty Mail on Sunday!

But these dirty tricks just show how desperate the Tories are getting – not to mention their right-wing tabloid newspaper supporters –  at the threat from UKIP.


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