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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Lib Dems love Sam Bowman.

In fact, Liberal Democrat members are so fond of Bowman – who is head of research at the (extremely) right-wing think tank the Adam Smith Institute  – that last year they voted him “Liberal Voice of the Year“.

Not surprising really because Bowman has some very ‘liberal’ views about a lot of things.

For example, he thinks that the minimum wage does “more harm than good“.

He also thinks all drugs should be legalised and banks should have no regulations whatsoever.

And today Bowman defended Lord Freud’s remarks that disabled people are not worth the minimum wage by saying the Tory minister’s comments were motivated by compassion” and “broadly correct.

I wonder if after today the Lib Dems are now having second thoughts about their beloved Sam Bowman?

If so, I think we should be told.


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