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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

There’s an important official inquiry under way at the moment into allegations of official involvement in the covering up of child abuse on the island of Jersey.

A key witness is a former police Senior Investigating Officer – Lenny Harper – who has been very critical of the Jersey government’s handling of the allegations.

Mr Harper’s confidential witness statements – which could contain the names of officials alleged to have been involved in the cover up as well as the identities of victims – were strangely sent to him by unregistered post instead of by secure courier.

The envelope containing them was opened by unknown people.

And because it was sent by unregistered post, there is no way of checking how or where the envelope containing the statements was opened:

harper envelope opsened

The Royal Mail say the envelope was opened before they received it, which means it must have been opened when it was in the hands of the Jersey Post.

A company which is owned and operated by the very same Jersey government being investigated by the inquiry.

Of course, it would be very useful for any official person who is being accused of a cover up to have copies of witness statements against them.

It would also be useful to know the identities of the victims who are prepared to speak up against them.

This is – of course – a scandal.

But don’t expect to hear much about it from the mainstream press.


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