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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

In a desperate attempt to win votes, the Lib Dems are now pretending they’re against the bedroom tax – obviously hoping people will forget that they not only voted repeatedly with their Tory coalition partners to introduce the bedroom tax, but that they were extremely enthusiastic supporters of it.

As an illustration of their enthusiasm, in 2013, an email from the Lib Dem press office to Lib Dem MPs was leaked – in which the Lib Dems bizarrely argued that the bedroom tax will “encourage people to look for work“.

Here’s an extract from it:


Spare room subsidy


From April 2013 the Government introduced a reduction in Housing Benefit for those who are receiving benefit for spare bedrooms in the social rented sector. It is not a tax. 

  1. The policy is about making better use of social housing
  2. Many councils have people on waiting lists or living in overcrowded accommodation while others are funded for spare rooms they don’t need
  3. Why should someone who rents a council house get benefit for a spare room when you don’t if you have a private landlord?
  4. The policy will also contain the growing Housing Benefit bill for the taxpayer
  5. It will also encourage people to look for work


How on Earth does making people homeless “encourage” them to find work?

Strange logic indeed.


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