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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

At their party conference this week, the Tories have announced the need for yet more radical austerity and belt-tightening measures – especially for the country’s working poor.

And Tory party delegates celebrated the news of yet more hardship for millions of their fellow citizens in their usual way:

duffy bollinger

Isaac – the young Tory who tweeted his jolly bottle of conference Bolly – is up and coming in the Tory Party:

duffy tory

He’s regional chairman of the Young Conservatives (now known as Conservative Future) – and he’s fully endorsed by leading members of the party:



In fact, the rise of young Conservatives like Isaac shows the Tories are managing to line up another whole generation of Bollinger-quaffing out-of-touch posh boys to take over the leadership of the party from Cameron, Osborne and Boris once they’ve retired to their country estates and the House of Lords.


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