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Tory minister Brooks Newmark has resigned after revealing in an explicit picture what political insiders say is a really very insignificant and particularly small impropriety.

The Conservative Minister for Civil Society’s tiny blooper was revealed in a photograph sent to an undercover female reporter working for the Daily Mirror.

However, a spokesperson for Number 10 said Mr Newmark’s boo-boo was clearly much too inconsequential to be of major concern:

The Prime Minister has seen the pictures and is assured that Mr Newmark’s folly is tiny. In fact his howler is so miniscule, negligible and trifling, it’s hardly worth mentioning at all.

Not long after the story broke, Mr Newmark took to Twitter to defend his bungle against accusations it is small:

I completely deny accusations that my howler is tiny. In fact my pickle’s actually quite a big one – certainly just as big as all the other Tory MPs’ gaffes we’ve seen over the years.


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