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The prime minister, David Cameron, has announced that Parliament is to be recalled on Friday to decide whether British forces should bomb pro-Assad government forces, or anti-Assad rebel forces in Syria.

The decision comes after assurances from the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, that his party will support tossing a coin to decide on the issue.

Britain is likely to send RAF Tornado aircraft into action, possibly as early as this weekend, once MPs have decided which side to bomb.

In a short statement, a Downing Street spokesman said:

The Speaker has agreed to the prime minister’s request to recall parliament this Friday to debate which Syrians the UK should bomb. As soon as we can work that out, we can announce our resolute, firm and unwavering commitment to support whichever side it is we’ve decided to support.

Mr Cameron’s announcement comes just days after a survey revealed as many as 87% of the British public would back air dropping the entire Cameron cabinet onto the front lines to fight brutal ISIS militia forces in northern Iraq.


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