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(not satire – it’s UK politics!)

I know Gordon Brown isn’t the most popular politician.

However, it must be said it was probably the former Labour PM’s last minute intervention which put the final seal on the NO campaign’s victory in the Scottish referendum.

Especially his passionate speech on the eve of the vote.

I have to admit I have a bit of a soft spot for unglamorous, grumpy old politicians like Brown who don’t seem to give much of a fig for PR.

His famously bad temper and so-called ‘clunking fist’ were plus points for me.

As were the facts he was totally unphotogenic, completely PR-unfriendly and hated by just about all of the mainstream press in the UK.

And no – he didn’t cause the global recession and financial crisis.

The clue’s in the word ‘global’.

In fact, in my opinion we could do with a LOT more bad-tempered clunking fists like Brown in parliament instead of all the countless clean-cut, insincere, well-manicured, PR friendly, bland Blair clones that seem to dominate British politics today.


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