(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

The Liberal Democrats’ new parliamentary candidate in Portsmouth once dismissed complaints of sexual harassment by women, saying accusations were something that can “happen to anybody“.

Former Portsmouth City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson also said a woman who accused disgraced Portsmouth Lib Dem MP Hancock Mike Hancock of sexually abusing her was just “trying to get some money“.

Vernon-Jackson is a long-time friend of Hancock – and was also one of the senior Lib Dems in charge of Portsmouth council who was responsible for wasting local taxpayers’ money trying to suppress a damning report into accusations of sexual harassment against Hancock.

I say “trying” to suppress because fortunately the leaked version of the accusations against Hancock can be seen here:

Shocking extracts from the leaked report into sexual harassment by Lib Dem MP

The Lib Dems lost control of Portsmouth council in the local elections last May – no doubt due in no small part to the local party’s handling of the whole Hancock scandal.

We can only hope Portsmouth South voters use the same keen sense of judgement of character at the parliamentary elections next May too.


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Is this the most jaw-dropping example of hypocrisy from the Lib Dems yet?


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